Adopting positive self-talk is one of the best habits you can work on for your health, and one that can become second-nature with enough practice and time. To help you get there, we wanted to take some time to reflect on the benefits of controlling our inner dialogue. Here are 3 reasons why making it a habit to talk to yourself positively will have a huge impact on your wellbeing.


1- Being your own cheerleader will get you far

We may not notice it, but many of us don’t talk to ourselves the way we talk to others. We tend to use words that lack empathy, kindness or forgiveness. Thoughts such as “I’m not smart enough to do this” or “I’m awful at this, I’m always making mistakes” can prevent us from going after what we want. When you shift the way you think and give yourself the same compassion you’d give a friend, it feels like you constantly have someone by your side cheering you on. Once this becomes a regular practice, you’ll start to focus on what you can improve instead of how you’re not good enough. Not only will this change the way you show up for yourself every day, it can also make you see clearly what’s best for you and help you attract it. 


2 - Promotes a healthier lifestyle

As Deepak Chopra said so well, “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.” What we put our energy into becomes reality, and our brain has a tendency to overlook good things to focus on the negative 1 (thanks evolution!). Since the mind and the body are closely intertwined, learning to control your thoughts can be an immense power to change the way you feel physically. In fact, putting less pressure on yourself switches off your threat response and puts you in a relaxed state, which in return will help you feel more motivated, inspired and energized. Thinking positively can also strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure.

"Most negative thinking is automatic and goes unnoticed. You’re not really choosing how to respond to your situation, it’s being chosen for you by bad brain habits. To find out what is really true and what is not, you need to question it. Don’t believe everything you hear—even in your own mind!"
- Dr. Daniel G. Amen, psychiatrist 2


3 - Builds better relationships

When you carry a beautiful energy within you, it shows! Practicing a more positive mindset will make you feel more optimistic towards certain situations and a positive attitude can be very contagious. By practicing kindness towards yourself, you’ll find it natural to focus on the positives of those in your circle. This will make people love to be around you, and your positivity may even encourage them to be more gentle and loving towards themselves. Who doesn’t want to make others feel great?


+ Four tools to help you get there

1 - The High 5 Habit is an awesome way to start your day with the right intention. The theory behind this mood-boosting technique is that by raising your hand to high-five yourself in the mirror, your brain associates the physical movement to all the positive messages tied to high-fiving. You can learn more about this technique from Mel Robbins, author of the book The High 5 Habit, on Youtube or buy her book here.


2 - The Self Love Fix is a great podcast to help you work on the relationship you have with yourself. Host Beatrice Kamau offers weekly advice, not only on self-love, but also on topics such as comparison, boundaries, having healthy friendships, navigating the dating world and much more.


3 - Try a ’Swap List’ to help you manage your thoughts and turn positive thinking into a daily habit. We don’t realize how often negative thoughts pop into our mind. By making the effort to flip what you tell yourself into supportive thoughts, you’ll become more aware of the words flowing in your head and will notice negative ones becoming less and less frequent with time. You can then create your own list and save it on your phone as a reminder for the next time your thoughts are starting to feel overwhelming.


4 - Go out and volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Helping others is an amazing way to get out of your head and focus on the present, build connections and provide a sense of purpose. When you witness how your actions can have a positive impact on others, you get a natural sense of accomplishment and getting out of your comfort zone will allow your self-assurance and leadership to grow.


Now that you’re all set with helpful information and techniques, it’s time to rewire your brain and turn your thoughts into your dream reality! Each time you choose to treat yourself with love and respect, you’ll feel like you’re inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt, give it a try!




2) Dr. Daniel G. Amen - Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness